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Massage Therapy

Steve and Shirley offer Massage for singles and couples at their office on the third floor of 117 Main Street in Spencer. They use Yoga as a means for their clients to maintain a healthy energy flow between massages. Clients are encouraged to work with them as their therapists, to maintain or increase good health.

Raja Yoga

Yoga is offered to you in their studio in the form of a class, individual or a small group of friends. Yoga classes are limited at this time. They are offered 1- 2 times per week at their studio. Individual and small groups are by appointment. Senior centers, rest homes and any special interests groups are accommodated at their own facility if possible.

Goju-Ryu (Hard/Soft Karate)

Goju-Ryu is a combative art form. Steven has a successful Karate school serving the Worcester West area. This school has operated in this area since 1991 and is based out of Spencer, MA. Shirley and Steven also run a Karate after school programs in 8 -10 different surrounding towns.

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Steven Chalmers

Steve teaching a children's classSteven has been studying and practicing Goju-Ryu since 1974. He has operated his own dojo (school) and been under the direct tutelage of Chairman Gosei Yamaguchi since 1993.

In this time, Steven has promoted many students to black belt level.

Steven has also studied Yoga and its philosophies since 1975. He studied psychology and Spanish at the University of New Hampshire and holds a Master of Yoga degree from the Raja Yoga Ashram based in Sawain, India.

Many people are surprised to find that martial arts roots lay with the Indian Yogis.

Steven also enjoys giving private lessons in Karate and Yoga.

Both Steven and his wife, Shirley, are certified Massage Therapists with an active practice. Shirley also holds a black belt and assists Steve with children's classes.

Steven is a genuine person who is stimulating to a professional as well as a small child. He brings a strong sense of discipline in a pleasant and sometimes humorous way. He truly cares for his students and is personally committed to their success.

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Shirley Chalmers

Shirley also holds a black belt in Karate. She assists Steven with teaching in his school. She has a Bachelors in Recreation, is a certified Activity Directory and also holds a Master of Yoga degree from the Raja Yoga Ashram based in Sawain, India.

Shirley is also certified as a Lakshmi Chair Yoga Instructor specializing in teaching the disabled and chronically ill population.

She teaches with Steven in the after school programs. Shirley brings the yin/feminine side of Karate to the forefront. She is the mother of the after school program and she makes sure every child feels safe and good about themselves. She understands emotional as well as physical limitations and creates a win/win situation for the kids. Shirley brings Yoga and its love of oneself, its expression with sound and its philosophy of non-violence to the after school Karate program. She is creative and fun in a completely different way than her counterpart, Steven.

Shirley shares a massage therapy office with her husband, Steven, at 117 Main Street, Spencer. Shirley's massage touch is loving and strong. Her approach is heart centered.

Together this couple is willing to share their knowledge with you from all of their combined experiences. They have both spent many years searching and training to gain more and more insight into the nature of the questions we all ask in our quiet moments. They are full of light and love and if you are drawn to them they will devote themselves to you.

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117 Main Street
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