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About Goju Ryu Classes

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do is a Japanese-based karate-Do organization teaching Goju-Ryu (hard/soft) style karate. Rank in this traditional system comes from hard work and is recognized worldwide. Goju-Ryu is a combative art form and self-defense is inherent in the style. Our focus, however, is on mind/body/spirit integration.

Goju-Ryu is an art of conflict resolution. All students are encouraged to give as much as they can to their training, but at their own appropriate pace. Each student must learn to adapt to their own and others limitations.

Classes are structured, disciplined and interactive, but non-competitive. Tournaments are not a part of the curriculum. Self-awareness, self respect, safety and respect for others is emphasized at all times. Any student may go to as many appropriate classes as they may like in any given week for the basic fee.

Classes are held for children of all ages, youths and adults. Families may train together.

Adult Goju classes are great for any adult looking to learn an authentic martial art while working at their own pace and comfort level. Practicing goju is a fun and interesting way to maintain or increase physical fitness, develop courage and self-awareness.

Youth classes are offered both at Steve's studio in Spencer and after school in many of the surrounding towns. The after school program provides a unique opportunity for many parents to see if their child is a natural martial artist right in the child's own school.

Classes are taught by both Steve and his wife Shirley. Missed classes may be made up at the studio at any time. Classes at the studio offer a more personalized setting. Training equipment and mirrors support and complete the student's training. Steve will discuss with the parent and child the best choice of classes.

Steve and Shirley both view the martial arts in the traditional way: as a vehicle for peace. We encourage parents to work with us to enable children to work through the difficulties as well as the glories of karate training. Parents are always welcome to watch their children during class.

Youth classes are either 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours depending on the child's ability and interest. Children may be granted permission to attend youth/adult classes if deemed appropriate.


Parents who are interested in learning Goju with their children enjoy participating in the mixed age classes. This is a nice way for families to spend time together and watch each other develop into great martial artists.

Clothing: Loose fitting clothes may be worn at the beginning. A uniform (gi) will be required at all classes soon after. Gis may be purchased at the dojo or onsite at the elementary schools.

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