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Massage is offered by Steve and Shirley at their office. Appointments for massage are offered around their class schedules and they are willing to accommodate you every day except Sunday. Couples Massages are offered as well.

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage.  Steve and Shirley work with each client towards their goals:  relaxation, stress relief, deeper muscle work, rehab of and old injury or relief of chronic pain. Drawing from almost a quarter of a century of massage therapy experience, Shirley and Steve can help a client achieve their goals in a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere.

What to expect:

The interview is fairly short and any requests or concerns are addressed. Clients will then be escorted into the massage room where they will be left alone for a few minutes to disrobe and lie down on the massage table underneath a sheet. All clothes, including underpants and brassieres ought to be taken off for ease of massage strokes. Undergarments may be worn if the client feels more comfortable. The sheet will be on throughout the massage. The therapist uncovers a body part while it is being massaged. Private areas of the body are covered at all times. The client's privacy is always protected.

Steven and Shirley encourage the client to relax and breathe into the strokes to receive the most benefit from the massage. Discussion during the massage ought to be kept to a minimum for optimal results. A one hour session can cover the whole body, or, if the client prefers, the hour can be focused on certain problem areas: just the back or just the feet, for example.

Various Yoga or Soft Karate movements are often suggested as a means of continuing and enhancing the benefits of bodywork sessions and empowering a client on the path toward health and balance.

Massage Fees

Couples Massage

Two people, be it husband and wife, friends or mother and daughter can enjoy a couples massage together at the same time. Steve and Shirley massage the couple on two tables placed side-by-side. Steve and Shirley's own amiable personalities help to create a pleasurable experience and a nice memory for the both of you.

Couples Massage Fees

We will be happy to come to you or our studio and massage room may be the perfect setting.

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