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Having participated in the Karate Dojo for over a decade, I can attest to the fact that Steve Chalmers is an exceptional teacher. He is the most positive, affirming instructor I have encountered in any field. He is able to balance praising each student for what they are able to do and challenging them to excel at their own level. Whether the student is a beginning 6 year old or a seasoned 50 year old, the sensei leads us to surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish. Part of his magic lies in his example; he demonstrates a consistent humble self-discipline, maintaining as high standards for himself as for those he instructs with humor and dedication to his craft. Whether you seek a form of physical fitness, a way to learn about martial arts or a path to moving meditation, joining the Chalmers Dojo will prove to be a gateway to self-actualization.

Joseph Stenger MD
Barre Family Health Center
Barre, MA

In two roundtables on topics relating to exercise and being in the body that I organized for Listening: the Barre Integrated Health Center in Barre, Massachusetts, Steve Chalmers proved to be one of the most dynamic participants; engaged, informative and responsive to questions from those attending. His comments and anecdotes, always relevant and enlightening, provided some of the high points of both evenings. Some people seem to carry within them an extra measure of life-force; Steve is one of those.

Nym Cooke, Project Director
Listening: The Barre Integrated Health Center

I have known this polite and caring couple for sixteen years. Their enthusiasm, energy and attitude toward teaching karate, has shown me their sense of responsibility in running a class full of children. They use an excellent developmental approach, which provides numerous activities within their karate program here at the West Brookfield Elementary School.

John J. Dyjak

Shirley Chalmers, the Yoga instructor, was extremely professional. Her manner was caring and perceptive. The residents loved her!. There was a concern about having too many people attend. The general response was extremely positive.

Louise M. Mc Grath, RSC
Lincoln Village

This was for a series of Yoga classes in Worcester for the elderly and disabled.

Shirley Chalmers has an exemplary ability to work with the public. She brings a deep sincerity and honesty to every undertaking and the effort she puts forth on behalf of both company and public is second to none.

Shirley has a genuinely warm and evervescent personality enabling her to interact equally well with our staff, our elderly patrons and our very young guests.

Clark Brown
Providence and Worcester Railroad

Shirley and Steve Chalmers co-teach Yoga classes to seniors here, and everyone feels encouraged by their warmth and conscientiousness.

I have known and worked with Shirley Chalmers for 12 years and she is a spirited, caring person who brings adventure, challenge and comfort to people.

Annie Wuelfing,
Center Director
West Brookfield

Steven and Shirley Chalmers are kind and compassionate when working with people and they are both honest and reliable.

Loren S

At 77 I enjoy excellent health . Steven's massages help me do that.

Dorothy D.
Spencer, MA

I come, lay down, relax and let energy flow. And I am renewed thanks to Steven and his magic hands.

Spencer, MA

117 Main Street
Spencer, MA 01562 - 774-329-5481


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